I hate you each time I close my eyes

I hate you each time I close my eyes;
Reality interferes with fading thoughts inside.
A smile misleads and draws me near.
I love the way you reduce me to tears.

My spirits distract and dissolve my prism
confronting beliefs and rendering their prison.
And as they keep in their dissonance,
I hold prayers and wish for your presence.

Yearning your glance hinders improvement
As I enter your aura and refuse movement
you aim a smirk and urge me away.
And the heart I gave, you continue to fray.

So bless my lips and string me along
serenade me with your suicide song.
Because with you, my smile is a sign of bluffing
but without you, my whole existence means nothing. 

Missing You

I can't sleep,
Missing you.
I lye awake, tears in my eyes,
Missing you.
Heart acks, mind can't think,
Missing you.
Longing for you touch,
Missing you.
The sound of your voice, I can't hear it.
Missing you.
The wanting for you in my heart.
Missing you.
Thoughts of how good it was to have you near,
Missing you.
You and only you thats all I want,
Missing you.
Wishing to see you smile,
Missing you.
Longing to hear you laugh,
Missing you.
Charishing all the time we shared,
Missing you.
Hopeing my heart will heal,
Missing you. 

When I see you feeling so empty

When I see you feeling so empty,
I just want to hold you close to me,
Wipe those tears of fear from your eyes,
Wishing you could see your beauty.

Its clear to me that you're hurting,
A thought that tortures me inside.
I long to take away your pain ,
But that request has been denied.

I'll stand by your side forever,
Till death tears me away from you,
I'd never leave you willingly,
My love will always remain true.

Give me your sorrow, pain, and fear,
I would gladly bear them for you,
One like you does not deserve them,
In sympathy my heart bleeds too.

Listen to me and please believe,
You're beautiful as none can be,
Incalcuable in your worth,
Yet you give of yourself freely.

Be strong and know that you are loved,
Your trust I could never betray,
I'd hold you close comforting you,
I promise it will be okay.

Love Beyond the Window

When I was young, I believed in fairy tales.
I believed that if your heart willed it,
That love could overcome anything.
That one day, two lovers could always be together.

But those were simple lies I think...

After all, how does one reach across a window;
Reach across a screen...
To hold someone on the other side,
Before they slip through your fingers.

Like a lonely dance between air and water,
I can only stand on the surface of the lake,
And see her smiling on the other side.
Sometimes, I would draw pictures on the surface;
These thin useless arms of mine scrawling tiny doodles,
And she would smile and reply to each one:

Including a heart, for 'I love you'...

And each time I would feel,
As though I could soar through any distance,
As though I could run a hundred miles.

If only so I could see you;
If only because I missed you...

But enough I say...

Enough of this life behind an invisible wall;
Enough of this existence where I can only dream!

For I wish to have you beside me,
To have you share in my joys and tears.
To have you here where I can hold you in my arms.
To kiss you and tell you how much you truly mean to me.
 But no matter how much I wish it,
I know it'll never be.

And so I bury it deep inside;
And smile when you look at me.

These cartographers dream

You cast light into the uncharted lands,
The darkest spots among the shifting sands,
Of the deserts, to the deepest trenches, 
In the oceans of my heart.

Nothing even dares to hide
From this magnificent light so deep inside;
It's drowned the very thirst it quenches
From the very start.

These cartographers dream of the discoveries you've made,
Their expeditions and journies but a silly masquerade
In comparison to the glory of roads that you've paved 
Into the farthest reaches of my heart.

You sing to the muses that hold legends
Of the demons and gods my heart defends,
And weave glory into their every story
Of your majesty in me.

No citizen or king can dare deny
Flowers and trees have blossomed high;
My nature's reached its full glory
Through your purity in me.

So bring me that horizon's line;
We'll sail these ships over lands divine,
Every corner of the seven seas ,
Of the world within my heart.

These cartographers dream of the discoveries you've made,
Their expeditions and journies but a silly masquerade
In comparison to the glory of roads that you've paved 
Into the farthest reaches of my heart.

Though we still have much to brave,
I dare say I'll continue to rave
Like a lunatic over the insanity you inspire in me.